Adoption Process

Below is our adoption process so you have an idea.
Please fill the adoption form:
Once done let us know by sending us a email by using the contact form below!
Next step to complete the adoption process is : 
We will need a pic of the enclosure you have ready for them. Min requirement is 8sq ft total. 
**We have Midwest cages available for sale at the rescue which fit 8sq ft total requirement for $40 which is cheaper than Amazon. ** we also have coroplast 2x4 for sale $30 if you want to DYI a c&c cage which we also highly recommend. 

 Midwest cage
 C&C cage
All the items they need ready in the enclosure like : 2 Wooden hut (plastic is not good for the Guinea pigs since they can chew it and it can cause medical issues) *we sell double huts at the rescue please ask us about it if we still have them in stock*
Otherwise we also recommend Living World hut , 
 Bedding (fleece is recommended since it’s most sanitary, economical and environmentally friendly) *we sell fleece at the rescue that are lined with absorbent material starting at $65 we also have sets liner + lap pad +cuddle sack +bottle pad— ask us about it if we still have in stock *
 2 water bottle (glass is most sanitary and easier to wash in dishwasher) , 
2 Ceramic bowls  
Food ready like Timothy hay, Timothy pellets and vitamin c tablets (pls avoid the vitamin C drops in water since they don’t get the full amount and is a waste) 
Once pictures are sent and are approved we can set an adoption date. 
The adoption fee is $50. 

Please let us know in contact form if you have further questions.
thank you!