Adoption Process

Below is our adoption process.

Please fill the adoption form:
Once done let us know by sending us a email by using the contact form below!
Next step to complete the adoption process is : 
We will need a pic of the enclosure you have ready for them. Min requirement is 8sq ft total. 

**We have Midwest cages available for sale at the rescue which fit 8sq ft total requirement for $40 which is cheaper than Amazon. ** we also have coroplast 2x4 for sale $30 if you want to DYI a c&c cage which we also highly recommend. **
Some examples of enclosures we recommend and are pre approved:
 Midwest cage
 C&C cage
PLEASE SEND US A PICTURE OF THE ENCLOSURE YOU WANT TO GET IF ITS NOT ONE OF OUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Some enclosures say they are 8sq ft total but are not due to bottom floor being smaller than the top cage which is wider and which gets measured for sizing.
All the items they need ready in the enclosure :
2 Wooden hut (plastic is not good for the Guinea pigs since they can chew it and it can cause medical issues) 
We recommend :
Living World Huts (Large)
Kaytee (Large)
Prévue (Large)
Bedding (fleece is recommended since it’s most sanitary, economical and environmentally friendly) *we sell fleece at the rescue that are lined with absorbent material starting at $65 we also have sets liner + lap pad +cuddle sack +bottle pad— ask us about it if we still have in stock *
2 Water Bottles (glass is most sanitary and easier to wash in dishwasher) 
2 Ceramic Bowls  
Must be ready like Timothy hay, Timothy pellets and vitamin c tablets (pls avoid the vitamin C drops in water since they don’t get the full amount and is a waste) 
Once full pictures of enclosure with everything inside are sent and are approved we can set an adoption date. 

The adoption fee is $50. 

Please let us know in contact form if you have further questions.
If it’s your first time owning a Guinea Pig please let us know so we can share some reliable resources and informations. 

Thank you for considering rescuing and adopting rather than purchasing from the pet stores. So many Guinea Pigs are abandoned or neglected that need a home and are without family. They deserve a second chance at a Furever family!