Q: What size cage do I need for my Guinea Pigs?

A: Two guinea pigs: 8 square feet (minimum), but 10.5 square feet is preferred. We recommend the 2x4 C&C Cage or Midwest Guinea Pig Cage to start with the option to expand. The more room the happier your Guinea Pig(s) will be! 

Q: What do Guinea Pigs eat?

A: Guinea Pigs require a diet of unlimited fresh quality Timothy hay everyday. Guinea Pigs need access to hay everyday as this helps aid their digestive system and helps grind their constantly growing incisors. Fruit, vegetables and pellets make up the rest of their diet and should be offered daily.

Q: Do I need to get 2 Guinea Pigs if I only want 1?

A: Yes! Guinea Pigs are herd animals and require a buddy as they get awfully lonely and it shows! A bonded pair of Guinea Pigs will socialize, play, chase, eat together and become 24/7 companionship for one another. Single Guinea Pigs can also be happy having a friend next to their enclosure if they lost their bonded partner so long theu can see , hear, smell and touch each other through the wires.

Q: How can I make sure my Guinea Pigs get enough Vitamin C? 

A: Besides daily vegetables like Green Pepper which is very high in vitamin C,  you can also give your Guinea Pigs Vitamin C tablets from Oxbow.  

Q:  What do I do if my Guinea Pig is not eating or drinking.

A: Bring them to the vet asap. Not eating and drinking in Guinea Pigs is a very serious matter and can mean something is very wrong. Bringing them to the vet quickly help their chances of surviving.