Services and Programs


If you know of a Guinea Pig in danger or needing immediate care, whether they have been abandoned, or have not been given adequate care. Please contact us for our rescuing services. In case of an absolute emergency, please call +1 (213) 292-1700. 


We always welcome new faces at our rescue and we pride ourselves on being a judgment free zone. We will care for you Guinea Pig, pair them if not bonded and find them a FURever home. Please do not despair or euthanize, place them in our care. Please fill out our owner release form to get this process started. 


Guinea Pigs are herd animals, and need to be in a group of 2 or more to have a fulfilling and healthy life. When alone they tend to get skittish, depressed and anxious.


Matchmaking (presently unavailable)

We offer "Matchmaking" services for single Guinea Pigs to find their forever “match” when we can.  We help the bonding sessions by introducing the Guinea Pigs to each other in a safe space at the rescue to avoid territorial confrontations. We then observe and make sure no Guinea Pigs get hurt during the process. If they accept each other, its a match! if not we try again another day with another Guinea Pig. This process can take time as it all depends on the Guinea Pigs and if they choose each other as friends. We only do the introduction and keep them safe.

Single Guinea Pigs 

Males have a 20% chance of bonding whilst females have 80% chance. For this reason we also allow single Guinea Pigs to get adopted out so long as you have another Guinea Pig(s) at home OR would like to adopt two single Guinea Pigs from us. The single Guinea Pig enclosure need to be 8sq ft total min EACH!

We ask that the Guinea Pigs enclosures are placed next to each other so they can see, hear, smell and touch each other whiskers and paws through the wires. This also keeps Guinea Pigs happy and less lonely knowing they have a buddy next door. Some Guinea Pigs like alpha males prefer to have their own space as well so this type of setting works perfectly for them.

Please fill out our adoption form if you are interested in adopting single or bonded Guinea Pig. Please follow up with a email at

Please note that our adoption process is subject to approval. 



It's extremely important to us to educate the public and potential adoptees about Guinea Pigs. We do this by offering workshops that provide information such as grooming, bathing, feeding, housing, medical treatments etc.

We have workshops available both for beginners and advanced. Guinea Pig parents or aspiring Guinea Pig parents! In our beginner workshop you will learn basic care for Guinea Pigs such as feeding, grooming, bathing, housing, handling and more! This workshops is perfect for aspiring Guinea Pig parents who want to learn exactly what they are getting themselves into when adopting a Guinea Pig.

In our advanced workshop you will learn about some of the common health issues of Guinea Pigs, how to treat these illnesses from home and when to go to a vet. This workshop will leave you feeling confident in your skills as a Guinea Pig owner. 

  • $100 for a family of 4
  • Contact us to book a workshop for your family


We are now offering birthday party service at the GPRO! Come celebrate your special day with the rescued Guinea Pigs. Included decorations and gift for birthday person. 

  • $100 for family of 4
  • $30 per additional person up to 7
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Special accommodation comes with extra fee 
  • Can choose to bring your own cake or we can provide cake at extra charge
  • Contact us to book a birthday party for your family

    Emotional Support Program

    This program was created to raise awareness  for having Guinea Pigs as emotional support animals. We rolled out this program in nursing homes across Ottawa to shed light on the reward and comfort that individuals will feel when they have something to boost their mood and take care of. There are no fees for this program, as GPRO donates all necessities for the Guinea Pigs such as the cage, fleece, houses, dishes water bottles etc. Your facility would only have to provide proper food and of course love! 


    Nail trimming: $15


    Contact us to book any of these services