Teddy, Bear and Bernie

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These 3 (Teddy, Bear and Bernie) came in as a emergency rescue. They have been abandoned by a tenants and brought to GPRO by landlord and have now settled in at GPRO where staff and volunteers are taking good care of them.

Interesting fact about Teddy Guinea Pigs 📚 They have coarse short fur that sort of repels water when given a bath almost like water proof! This can make washing easier or harder depending on who you ask but definitely a little trickier and interesting ! This reminds us of their closely related cousins the Capybaras, (who are basically giant sized Guinea Pigs ) who absolutely love to swim and have similar coating as Teddies which is helpful to keep them dry during their daily dip in the waters … which is really cool!

They also shed less and are known to be more docile than other Guinea Pig breed. Maybe that’s why they seem very content being 3 males together in a enclosure. Rare but can happen.

So far, they are very sweet and cuddle boys 😍


Gender: Males

Age: 1 years old aprx

Breed: Teddy

Rescue date: